Accusations and allegations
Links have been made to the original articles in order to respect the copyright of the investigators and authors and because of the unproven nature of many of the various allegations. The text in italics are quotes from the original articles.

Charles Taylor
1st African Head of State
on War Crimes Tribunal

  1. Political crimes

  2. Meddling in West Africa

  3. Economic crimes

  4. Attacks on the freedom of press and the freedom of expression

  5. Murder of Five American Nuns

    A serious controversy is taking place in Liberia, where the Catholic Church has decided to set up a commission to investigate the rape and murder of five American nuns during the country's civil war in 1992. (...) apparently desperate to prevent the investigations due to fear of potential legal implications, the regime of Mr. Charles Taylor has unleashed a ferocious attack to discredit the Catholic Church and smear the reputation of Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis.

    The Liberian Group

  6. Liquidation of Sam Bockarie
    ('General Mosquito') and his family


  7. Vice President Enoch Dogolea´s sudden death

  8. Ritual killings and cannibalism

  9. Interviews

For an overview of the human rights situation in Charles Taylor's Liberia in 2003, the year he resigned, see the
US State Department's Country Report on Human Rights Practices 2003. It relates about the many atrocities including torture at the notorious Gbalata military base, even about ritual killings.


















Charles Taylor
1st African Head of State
on War Crimes Tribunal



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