'Chuck' Taylor prosecuted and condemned for torture and war crimes.


'Chuck' Taylor condemned to 97 years in prison
The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor Sr. was sentenced Friday to 97 years in prison for charges including torture and conspiracy, according to a federal court in Florida.
The U.S.-born son of Charles Taylor Sr., pictured, moved to Liberia when his father became president.
U.S. District Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga sentenced Charles "Chuckie" Taylor Jr., 31, in a Friday morning session that lasted four hours, according to a court document.
Altonaga cited Taylor's "sadistic, cruel and atrocious past," saying it "constituted unacceptable, universally condemned torture,"
CNN, January 9, 2009

Speaking out about Taylor's son
Liberians allegedly tortured by the son of former president Charles Taylor have started to go public following the younger Taylor’s indictment in the United States on charges of war crimes.
Irin December 13, 2006

Ex-Liberian dictator's son indicted for torture
The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor was indicted Wednesday on U.S. charges of committing torture as chief of a paramilitary unit during his father's regime. (...)The younger Emmanuel is already in custody in Miami, awaiting sentencing for falsifying his father's name to get a passport he used to enter the United States in March. (...) Emmanuel headed the Anti-Terrorist Unit in Liberia after his father became president in 1997.
CNN December 6, 2006

Taylor’s son to be prosecuted for torture and war crimes?
The U.S. Department of Justice should investigate with a view to prosecuting Charles “Chuckie” Taylor, Jr., the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, for torture and war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today. 'Chuckie' Taylor headed the Anti-Terrorism Unit that allegedly committed egregious abuses such as burning Liberian civilians alive.
New York, May 26, 2006