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President Charles Ghankay Taylor             

The warlord-President
Part II

Taylor and Al Qaeda



Question: Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussain, and Charles Ghankay Taylor – what do they have in common?

Answer: OBL, Hussain and Taylor are former US allies, now ennemies of the USA.

Osama bin Laden was used by the USA to fight against the Russians (USSR) in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussain was supported because of the US dislike of the regime in Teheran, during the Iran – Iraqi war, whereas Taylor rendered the US a service by getting rid of Doe – after mysteriously escaping from a US prison.  

Why did the Bush Administration put a $ 2 million prize on Taylor’s head? To silence him? Why has Taylor not been arrested and brought to the Sierra Leone War Crimes Tribunal? Maybe because he knows too much? After all, it is known that Taylor was on the CIA pay-rolll. Why does Nigerian President Obasanjo continue to provide shelter to Taylor in his luxurious exile in Old Calabar? Which deal did Obasanjo make with the US Administration?

There are many questions, some of them have been raised as early as 2001, immediately after the 9-11 raid on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the crash of the fourth US airliner somewhere in Pennsylvania. The Washington Post reported in a November 2 article, two months after the attacks, that “the terrorist network led by Osama bin Laden has reaped millions of dollars in the past three years from the illicit sale of diamonds mined by rebels in Sierra Leone.” President Taylor allowed these Al Qaeda agents to operate from and within Liberia. Allegedly, he received a commission on each sale in Liberia. 

In August 2004 the Boston Globe reported that “The (US) Defense Department approved a special forces raid to capture Al Qaeda leaders under Taylor’s protection in 2001, but called it off and never reactivated the plan, the US officials said in recent interviews, on condition of anonymity. Meanwhile, senior leaders of Al Qaeda continued to receive Taylor’s protection.” The Al Qaeda leaders who met with Taylor in Liberia were Ahmed Khalfan Ghalani, Fazhl Abdullah Mohamed, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, and Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan. At least two of them, Ghalani and Mohamed, were received by Charles Taylor in his Congo Town residence in Monrovia in 1999. The International Herald Tribune reported Ghalani's  arrest in eastern Pakistan in July 2004, the other three are still on the run. All four are accused of involvement in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, Ghalani suspected of masterminding the attack. 

Do you want to know more about “Taylor and Al Qaeda”? Just type it in at . It is amazing how many titles emerge. To help you, a few of the most factual and informative links have been included here. Some of them are very revealing, almost shocking to read. Like the Guardian 2002 report on the alleged involvement of President Compaore (Burkina Faso) in the diamond trade. Or more details on the payment of at least $ 1 million by Al Qaeda to Taylor for his assistance (Boston Globe). 

And did Reverend Jesse Jackson and another well-known US preacher Pat Robertson, know about Taylor’s ties with Al Qaeda? If you want to know more about the role of Reverend Jesse Jackson, his ties with Taylor and his role in the Sierra Leone conflict, please visit  Details of Reverend Pat Robertson’s business connections with Charles Taylor (through his Freedom Gold mining company, operating in the southeastern part of Liberia) were made public by the Washington Post though subsequently denied by Robertson


To be continued with more details of the regime of the most wanted man in West Africa.

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